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Transform your team, family, or personal journey with our interactive workshops, led by Chris Templeton. Dive deep into the concepts of "Oh The Stories We Tell" through hands-on, engaging sessions designed to meet your specific needs. Whether you're seeking to empower your team, enrich your personal development, or approach parenting with a new perspective, our workshops offer personalized, thought-provoking experiences.

Workshop Themes:

We offer the following workshops for your consideration. Do you need something more tailored to your needs? We are happy to discuss how we can  be a fit for you and your participants.

Leadership: Cultivating Inner Change for Outer Impact

Embark on a leadership journey that begins from within. Our workshop focuses on the critical role of self-awareness and authentic leadership in fostering a cohesive team environment. Utilizing the "Leadership Narrative Framework," participants will engage in activities that enhance self-understanding and leadership skills, paving the way for a more impactful leadership style.

Parenting: Nurturing the Future Through Stories

Parenting transcends being a mere role; it's about molding the future one story at a time. Join our workshops for a novel take on parenting, where mindful communication and positive storytelling are at the heart. Ideal for family events, educational seminars, or parenting groups, these sessions offer strategies to unlock your child's potential through the transformative power of narrative.

Self-Development: Rewriting Your Empowering Narrative

Explore the power of personal narratives in shaping our identities and paths in our self-development workshops. Challenge limiting beliefs and author a new, empowering personal story through reflective exercises and guided discussions. Perfect for self-improvement gatherings or wellness retreats, these workshops are a gateway to personal breakthroughs and growth.


Mental Health & Well-Being: A Fresh Perspective

Address the modern challenges of mental health with a workshop that offers a straightforward, practical understanding of well-being. Chris introduces a novel paradigm that's both relatable and actionable, providing tools and insights to enhance mental wellness in any context.

Workshop Formats Available:

Chris Templeton offers a dynamic range of workshop formats, including in-person sessions, virtual workshops, and hybrid models, ensuring an engaging and interactive experience regardless of the setting. Tailored to suit diverse group sizes and settings, these workshops are perfect for corporate teams, educational institutions, community groups, and more.


Setup a call with Chris Templeton

Elevate your event with a workshop that promises to inspire, educate, and transform. Contact us to explore how Chris can contribute to your next gathering. Schedule a consultation here or reach out directly at 707-879-8225 to plan your tailored workshop experience.

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