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It's all about practice

It's important for us to all have appropriate expectations about what Oh The Stories We Tell can bring to the table and what is required for these things to happen in your life. As you have certainly guessed by now practice is at the heart of the growth we are all looking for in our lives.

In a world of "10x" this and "giving it 110%" of that and to "awaken to your fullest potential", we are constantly reminded we aren't where we could, let alone should be in our lives. As a result, we are surrounded by a plethora of get-happy, whole, and enlightened techniques that ask you to ignore who you are so you can overcome your shortcomings and force your way to everlasting happiness. And over and over again we're disappointed, that instead of the promises that have been made, we continue to have areas we struggle and even suffer with.

If it's your hope to learn and be where you want ASAP, this is certainly not the place for you. This body of work is for "the rest of us" who have found that none of these get happy and whole schemes have been able to deliver their promises. It's for the rest of us who are ready to quit denying who we are, here and now. For the rest of us who really do want to be the better versions of ourselves we know we are more capable of, but seems to continually evade us. It's for the rest of who recognize it's about the journey and that "ends" are always shifting.

So instead of promises that never seem to be realized, our primary focus will be on "practice". Practice incorporating the three questions and the model. Practice applying these things in the real world of your mind and the environment in which you live. Practice to understand yourself and the people you interact with. And to be able to look at any other teaching for self-development or leadership and judge its veracity based on how it fits you and your practice. And if it doesn't, to still be able to find the nuggets of inherent value of it anyway.

This is about the rest of us. This is about giving yourself the grace to grow gradually while practicing through the ups and downs of life. As a result, we stop walking by all the moments of meaning that we simply couldn't recognize in our tunnel-visioned quest, "giving it 110% to explode your growth." Ughhh.

It is time for a new approach. Welcome to the practice of Oh The Stories We Tell. You are worthy of this practice and accompanying growth that you and those you live and work with will also benefit from. Not because you're a superior person, but because of the grace you see in yourself, which you also learn to see in others. And because you act this way, people are drawn to you naturally.

Welcome home to yourself, the good, the bad, and the ugly. With practice, you will become that better version of yourself... the one you've been looking to find.

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