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We offer a variety of speaking topics to fit your needs and those of your audience. Whether it's in person or virtual, we have you covered. Founder, Chris Templeton is ready to share the concepts of Oh The Stories We Tell for any audience. Whether you're looking to inspire your team, enrich your audience's personal journey, or navigate the complexities of parenting with a fresh lens, Chris brings engaging, thought-provoking sessions tailored to your needs.

Leadership: Inspiring Change from Within

Here we look at the importance of starting your leadership journey within and then transferring your understanding to those you want to lead. With the framework in place, you're able to have a greater understanding of yourself and your team.

Chris looks at the foundations of effective leadership, emphasizing the power of self-awareness and authentic narratives. Drawing from the unique "Leadership Narrative Framework," Chris guides leaders through a transformative process, helping them to rethink their approach and impact.

Parenting: Shaping the Next Generation

Parenting is more than a role; it's an opportunity to shape the future through the stories we tell our children. [Your Name] offers a refreshing perspective on parenting, emphasizing the importance of mindful communication and positive narratives. Engage [Your Name] for parenting workshops, family-focused events, or educational seminars, and discover how to nurture your child's potential through the power of story.

Self-Development: Crafting Your Personal Story

In the realm of self-development, [Your Name] explores the narratives that shape our identity and influence our growth. With a compassionate yet insightful approach, [Your Name] encourages individuals to question limiting beliefs and rewrite empowering personal stories. Book [Your Name] for your next self-improvement event or wellness retreat, and unlock the door to personal transformation.

Mental Health & Well-Being

In today's day and age, mental health and wellness have become cultural fixations that are in large part not serving us. It's time to have a foundational and universal way of understanding our mental health and well-being. Chris brings this refreshing new paradigm in a way that is common-sensical and actionable, regardless of the interpersonal situation at hand.

Available for In-Person Speaking and Workshops, Virtual, Podcast and Webinars

Founder, Chris Templeton is available for a variety of speaking engagements, including keynotes, panel discussions, interactive workshops, and more. With a dynamic presence and an ability to connect with audiences of all sizes, Chris brings each topic to life with real-world examples, engaging storytelling, and actionable insights.

Additionally, Chris is happy to contribute to podcasts and webinars, offering audiences valuable takeaways on leadership, self-development, parenting, and a wide array of other topics. Whether you're hosting a podcast on business innovation, personal growth, family life, or any subject in between, Chris will provide compelling content that resonates with your audience.

Contact Chris Templeton Today

Ready to inspire, educate, and transform your audience? Contact us to see if Chris is a fit for your next event. Feel free to schedule a virtual coffee with Chris using this link or give Chris a call at 707-879-8225.

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