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It's Time To Create The Stories Serve You!

Oh The Stories We Tell  is broken down into two main components:

The Three Questions - To ask when I am struggling with what I'm thinking. 

  • What is the story I'm telling?​

  • Does it serve me, in this moment?

  • Is there a more authentic story I can tell?

Core Model

Model Drawing - FINAL2 JCT 230129.png

The Core  Model - That results from the three questions when combined with a little common sense. It includes the following aspects:

Three Personality Characters

The Protector - Who is always working for our safety and is recognized as a partner in our growth. 

The Narrator - That centered and grounded aspect of us that is able to take ourselves and those around us in stride.

The Inner-Coach - That part of us that is in touch with our inner-wisdom and knows that all is well. 

Three Personalities

Lesser or Little Me where my stories don't serve me in this moment.​

Authentic Me where I am serving myself
by narrating a story that serves me and the environment around me.

Englightened Me where we are in touch with our inner-wisdom. 

When we practice the questions and understand where we are in the model, we recognize that we have the ability to move past the emotion that has prevented us from moving forward in certain parts of our lives. We begin to increase the space between stimulus and response and stop living by default, especially in the areas that we have struggled and even suffered with.

We begin to recognize that nothing is more important to a life of meaning and purpose than stories that serve us. This is about fully recognizing the adversity in our lives and framing it in a way that we don't discount it, but instead that we create meaning from all of it, not just the "good stuff".


Having access to the questions and the model allows us to become more self-aware and to spend the time necessary to move from our Lesser Selves into our Authentic Selves. Additionally, as a result of being more authentic, we also are able to dip into our Enlightened Selves far more often.

Finally, with the questions and model internalized, we authentically change our behavior with others. Why? Because with our improved self-awareness, we become far more aware of others. As we become more grounded more often, not only do we change but so do the people we interact with. We realize the influence we have when we're authentic.


It is here we recognize the heart of authentic leadership. We recognize that when we act from an authentic place people we lead want join us there. And whether they can explain it or not, the people we interact with have a tendency to join us in that authentic place. In relationships, as parents, with friends and colleagues.

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